“We Have No Food In This House”

I hate eating in the summer.  I get just as hungry, but nothing sounds good (except ice cream). Additionally, my teenager is in and out like a marmalade cat, sometimes ravenous and other times so finicky she turns her nose up at whatever I’ve made for dinner.   As a result, grocery shopping is even more of a drag than it is in the winter.

This is what "no food" ' looks like in middle class America

This is what “no food”  looks like in middle class America

I’m a healthy eater and make nearly everything from scratch.  There’s always milk, eggs, flour, butter, rice, pasta, and usually lots of fruits and veggies, too.  My daughter crawls from her bed  at 11:00 a.m., stares into the fridge, and croaks, “We have no food in this house.”  I direct her attention to the dry-erase board that serves as our grocery list.

“That’s not possible.  The only thing on the list is ‘light bulbs’ and ‘Band-Aids.’”

She grumbles, takes an ice cube, and wanders over to the sofa, curling up into a little ball.  “I’ve been eating the same box of rice cereal every night for dinner for the last four weeks,” she croaks.

“Wow, that’s like the miracle of Chanukah.  What a bargain.  I only paid $2.18 for four week’s worth of dinners?  I’m definitely buying that cereal again!”

She sat up to scowl at me, but couldn’t contain her giggles and sunk back into the couch cushions.

“I was thinking of making pancakes,” I offer.

Her head pops up from behind the pillows. “Yes, please!”

Oh, to be a child in middle class America where the definition of “food” is limited to that which is completely ready to eat and all one must do is rip open a bag and pour it into one’s mouth.  I’m really surprised the evil geniuses at Monsanto have not yet devised a genetically modified food that will carry itself from the pantry and leap into the resting child’s open mouth. It is the next logical step, after all.


“There is no food in this house!”

It's like magic!  "Food" has suddenly appeared!

It’s like magic! “Food” has suddenly appeared!

I went to three different stores to stock up on real food yesterday.  I bought a roasted chicken and lots of delicious fruit that is just now really coming into the peak of the season.  At home, I washed, prepped, cut up and stored all the fruit and converted the chicken into a yummy low-fat, high-fiber chicken salad.  Even by kid standards, we have “food” now.

She’s been at her best friend’s house all day for the last two days and is going to her Dad’s house tomorrow night.  **sigh**

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While this started as a chronicle of my many (sometimes ill-conceived) "Do It Yourself" projects, it has morphed into a journal of my 9-year journey as a single Christian woman striving to live by God's design.
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2 Responses to “We Have No Food In This House”

  1. I’m struggling with Monsanto and the resting child today myself.

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