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Feminism vs. Biology: Smackdown

I am a child of the late 70’s.  Watching my extremely traditional (child of the 40’s) mother get walked on routinely by my father hammered home the point being made by pop culture in those years: The only way a … Continue reading

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Litter Bug

I am very blessed to live in a nice middle class neighborhood with a great trail system, which I run twice a week.  I run past a small marsh, thick with cattails where the redwinged blackbirds like to perch.  The … Continue reading

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Camping with a Hyperactive, Guilt-Prone Brain

I love the idea of camping more than I actually enjoy the process itself.  As a kid, it was completely awesome because my parents did all the work; I just played in the river and ran around in the woods.  … Continue reading

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Off the Wagon

I am a sugar addict.  Much like an alcoholic can’t stop at one bottle of beer but will drink until he either finishes the entire six-pack (or passes out); I can’t stop at one cookie, but will eat until I … Continue reading

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